House Bathroom Bill Roll Call Votes

Amendment 2 – Exempt Locker Room Facilities Used Primarily by Minors, allowing local school districts to decide how to handle situations with transgender students.


Amendment 4 – Exempt multiple capacity Showers and Locker Rooms where there’s no capacity for dividers, allowing locker rooms in gyms not designed with individual stalls to be exempt.


Amendment 9 – Exempt Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders from provisions of the law, so they would not be granted civil rights protections to enter Bathrooms and Locker Rooms without questions.


Amendment 12 – Exempting Sex-segregated Public Accommodations, taking bathrooms and locker rooms out of the bill entirely. This amendment would leave the other “anti-discrimination” provisions of the bill in place, but exempt bathrooms and locker rooms.  http://renewmacoalition.org/House_Bathroom_Bill_Debate_Amendment__12/

Amendment 13 – Requires any right afforded to anyone based on their gender identity be afforded to everyone. So if a non-transgender student feels uncomfortable sharing a locker room with a transgender student, school districts must accommodate the feelings of the non-transgender student as well.


Amendment 14 – Requires the regulations to be drafted by the Attorney General to come back to the legislature for approval, amendment, and passage.


Amendment 15 – Takes gender identity out of the provisions related to sex-segregated accommodations, taking bathrooms and locker rooms out of the bill entirely. This amendment would leave the other “anti-discrimination” provisions of the bill in place, but exempt bathrooms and locker rooms.


Amendment 16 – Exempts schools, so they can set their own regulations, and either follow the guidelines issued by the state or make other provisions for transgender students, such as a separate bathroom or locker facility.


Amendment 17 – Sets a medical standard for what it means to be transgendered, rather than the bill’s standard of “a sincerely held belief”.


Amendment 20 – Clarifies the definition of gender identity, to provide an ID or amended birth certificate so those who are legitimately engaged in transitioning can show they’re not exerting an improper use of the law.


Amendment 22 – Exempts Law enforcement from criminal and civil liability.  If law enforcement respond to a claim of misuse of this gender identity clause, they’re responding in good faith, they are not subject to civil rights violations complaints. It protects police from complaints for doing their jobs.


Amendment 25 – Adds Penalties for improper assertion of gender identity, fines of $1,000 and up to a year in jail.


Amendment 26 – Allow a Child Under 12 to be Accompanied by a Parent. This would allow a parent to go with a child into a bathroom or locker room to ensure his or her safety.


Amendment 28 – Local Option for Schools. This would allow students, parents and administrators to work out a plan for a transgender student who may not want to use the general population bathroom or locker room and accommodate that student’s privacy rather than making the default option to send him or her to the facility associated with his or her gender identity.


Amendment 30 – Exempts Businesses and Religious Facilities. This would allow business owners and religious institution to be exempt, allowing places like the YMCA, or gyms like Curves which have a perspective and niche of sex-segregated exercise to continue to operate without expose to fines and being charged with civil rights violations.


Amendment 31 – Increased Penalty for People using Law for Improper Purposes. This would provide for fines and imprisonment if someone were to use the protections of the law in the commission of a crime. Penalties include up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


Amendment 34 – Exclusion for Private Institutions. This would specifically exclude private clubs and other places which have membership dues and do not allow the public to not be deemed to be public accommodations, so they don’t fall under the provisions of the law.


Final Passage



If you’re as outraged as we are that legislators could vote for this bill, knowing that there are no standards for gender identity, no penalties for its improper assertion, and no exemptions for sex offenders, please help us educate the public about this outcome by donating today. Thank you.