2017 House Budget Amendments

Amendment to Provide a Sales Tax Holiday

17-00027 Further Amend Proposed Sales Tax Holiday

Amendment to Reduce Sales Tax to 5%

17-00030 Further Amend Reducing the Sales Tax to 5%

Amendment to Offer Tax Credit to Encourage Adoption

17-00031 Expanded Tax Credit to Encourage Adoption

Amendment Requiring Applicants for Public Housing to Provide a Social Security Number

17-00041 Further Amendment Require SSN for Public Housing Applicants

Amendment of Rep. Lombardo and Lyons for Justina’s Law, which would protect parental rights by providing that when there are two differing medical diagnoses, the parents can decide care to their child without DCF being called.

17-00044 Justina’s Law Amendment PDF for print 2

Amendment to Prohibit tax dollars from being spent on organizations in violation of laws banning experimentation on human fetuses.

MassTrac 685 roll call