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Safe Communities sponsors

MARCH 28, 2017 3:42 PM

Earlier this year, advocates of illegal immigration filed legislation to make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State, prohibiting state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal officials to enforce our immigration laws.

This proposal would prevent our state police, sheriffs, and local communities from obeying the law, and would result in the loss of federal funds. The federal government has said it will defund sanctuary jurisdictions and require proof of compliance with federal laws to access federal funds.

Many legislators in Massachusetts are pandering to the left, signing on to this legislation despite the ramifications for our public safety and for our state budget. You can read the text of the bill and see a list of cosponsors here. 

If you agree this is a terrible bill, please take 30 seconds to share our petition in opposition to it by clicking HERE, and sign up to volunteer as we go door to door in legislators communities to educate voters about their co-sponsorship of this bill.

Thank you!


Defund Sanctuary Cities

FEBRUARY 15, 2017 3:28 PM

Massachusetts legislators and citizens are fighting back against the left on the issue of Sanctuary Cities. Liberal activists like Sen. Jamie Eldridge have re-named the “Trust Act” the “Safe Communities Act.” This piece of legislation would make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State, prohibiting our state and local law enforcement from aiding federal authorities in their efforts to apprehend dangerous criminals here illegally. Rep. Marc Lombardo has filed legislation to fight back, by defunding sanctuary cities from receiving unrestricted local aid.

Please take 30 seconds to SIGN THE PETITION to oppose Massachusetts becoming a Sanctuary State and to support the defunding of Sanctuary Cities.


Nativity Scene Approved

DECEMBER 17, 2016 9:06 AM

Nativity Scene Request Finally Approved
Speakers Office Initially Declares: No Religious Displays

It began back in November: Rep. Jim Lyons (who has lead the charge against the Bathroom Law, and countless other left-wing proposals), filed a request with the Speaker’s office to have a Celebration of Christmas on Beacon Hill, with a Nativity Scene.

Tyrone Lawless, the Speakers’ staffer in charge of building use requests, told Rep. Lyons that he’d had these requests over the years, but “religious events are not allowed.” Mr. Lawless was reminded that there’s a very public Menorah lighting that occurs at the State House every year, and told Rep. Lyons he would need to check with the Speaker. Rep. Lyons submitted an official, written request, well within the required time period, and Mr. Lawless again said he’d need to confer with the Speaker.

It was only when receiving a letter from the Thomas More Law Society and local attorney Bob Joyce of the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund reminding them of their 1st Amendment obligations and stating the possibility of litigation that the Speaker’s office granted Rep. Lyons request last night.

As such, we cordially invite you to:

A Celebration of Christmas on Beacon Hill
Thursday, December 22
12:00 to 4:00 pm
Great Hall, State House, Boston, MA
RSVP: Robert Aufiero –

Click HERE to read the letter Rep. Lyons sent to persuade the Speaker’s office to follow the First Amendment.

Thank you!


FACL Schools a Success

APRIL 10, 2016 12:00 PM

Last month the Renew Massachusetts Coalition held two Activist Trainings in conjunction with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership.

Topics covered during these trainings included: The Real Nature of Politics, The Biggest Lie in Politics, How to Choose your Battles, and How to work effectively on Beacon Hill (what to do and what not to do), and how to build a group of like-minded activists.

At the conclusion of these day long trainings activists left encouraged and equipped with powerful tools and knowledge, which they will use to build bigger and better grassroots armies to continue to fight for conservative principles across Massachusetts. We want to thank everyone who participated, and encourage all of you to get more involved in taking our country back.