Roll Calls

Roll Calls

Our legislators on Beacon Hill continue to vote against common sense and against the will of the people. On this page we will be posting roll calls and explanations of what amendments and bills are being taken up on Beacon Hill.

Some legislators can be lobbied and persuaded to do the right thing if they hear from enough constituents. Others are beholden to leadership and left-wing interest groups, and must be defeated. Which category do your legislators fall into? Roll calls indicating how they vote can provide a clue.  If you’d like more info and to get more involved, email us at

Pay Raise Roll calls — Check back for updates

Bathroom Bill Roll Calls

House Bathroom Bill Roll Calls

2017 House Budget

Unborn Child Amendment to the House Pregnant Workers Bill

2015 – 2016 House Percentage Voting with the Speaker — Does your legislator talk a good game back home in his district regarding his priorities and then vote how he’s told? This document can help you find out.