University Abortion Mill

Oppose University Abortion Mill Bill

Bill HB2399 AND SB1470, the University Abortion Mill Bill, would require health centers at public universities to provide for medical abortions by 2026.

That means that tuition and fees will be used to fund abortions. As if tuition and fees aren’t already high enough!

Worse still, this dangerous bill establishes the Public University Health Center Sexual and Reproduction Health Preparation Fund to be administered by the Department of Public Health.

The legislature can deposit taxpayer dollars into this destructive abortion mill fund to pay for grants of at least $200,000 to each public university and college to pay all direct or indirect costs to enable public colleges and universities to perform medical abortions.

With 29 public colleges and universities, up to $5.8 million of taxpayer funds could be used to help provide for abortions.

This is all to turn public universities and colleges into abortion mills that harm young women and kill their precious babies.

I respectfully urge you to oppose HB2399 and SB1470. Taxpayer funds and tuitions and fees should not be used to turn universities and colleges into abortion mills.

Please take 30 seconds to send your legislator an email to oppose HB2399 AND SB1470 the University Abortion Mill bill. Thank you.