Physician Assisted Suicide

Oppose Assisted Suicide 


Culture-of-death forces in the legislature are pushing  HB 1926  and  SB 1208, which would legalize physicianassisted suicide, also known as “doctorprescribed death.”

As we’ve seen in the debates over Charlie Gard and our Medicaid system, this would quickly become a way for insurance companies and big governments to cut costs by encouraging the disabled, depressed, and elderly to end their lives prematurely.

The legislation itself is highly flawed, and our legislators should tell committee members and the leadership they don’t want it passed. 

To add fuel to the fire, the time to end each legislative session is July 31st but unscrupulous legislators on Beacon Hill have voted to extend indefinitely the time to vote on this bill. Of particular concern, is any attempt to vote on this after the election because it will be too late to hold legislators accountable for their votes. We need our legislators to end the session before the November 3rd election day.

Physician-assisted suicide failed at the ballot box in 2012, but our legislators want to keep pushing for it. We need to continue to show legislators that the public opposes it. Please send a message to urge your legislators to reject it.  


Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide

Please Oppose HB 1926 and SB 1208, the assisted suicide bills. This legislation does not allow \"death with dignity\". On the contrary, it debases and degrades human life by encouraging suicide in a medical system too often dictated by cost and controlled by bureaucrats.

Assisted suicide was defeated at the ballot box in 2012, and like that proposal, this legislation weakens common-sense safeguards. There is little counseling required for the patient before the lethal dose is prescribed and taken and many patients may be merely suffering from depression and other treatable conditions. There is no required inquiry into a patient\'s death. A patient could be tricked and murdered, and nobody would know.
Incredibly, doctors must lie on the death certificate and falsely list the underlying disease, not suicide, as the cause of death. This is wrong!

In conclusion, compassion toward those at the end of life should encourage improved patient care, not a policy of encouraging premature death.

Please oppose this legislation and urge your colleagues in the legislature to do the same.

Thank you.


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