Co-sponsor Citizen Protection Bills

Life and Liberty Legislative Agenda:

Citizen Protection Plank 

We’re fighting back against the open-borders leftists and the huge caravans of illegal aliens headed to our borders! Conservatives on Beacon Hill have filed a slate of bills that we’re supporting as part of our Life and Liberty Legislative Agenda.

They are as follows:

SD 504, Citizens Protection Act, allows local police to hold suspected illegal aliens for up to 48 hours if they are suspected terrorists, or have been convicted of domestic abuse, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, or other serious crimes. SD 504 attempts to correct the 2016 Supreme Judicial Court decision in Lunn v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

HD 1407, Defund Sanctuary Cities Act, reduces state aid to any city that adopts sanctuary city policies that prevent local police from cooperating with federal authorities under an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer request.

HD 1405, Stop Government Benefits Fraud by Illegal Aliens, requires verification of citizenship status before any state taxpayer benefits are provided to an individual.

HD 1879, Massachusetts Workers Protection Act, requires all employers to enroll in the E-verify system to verify an employee’s ability to work in Massachusetts.

These bills need co-sponsors! The deadline for co-sponsoring legislation is this Friday, February 26th.

Sanctuary cities and the inability to hold suspected illegal aliens threatens the public safety of our citizens.

Time and again, criminal, illegal aliens have been released back onto our streets only to commit more crimes or flee the country.

A case in point is the murder of doctors Richard Field, 49, and Lina Bolanos, 38, by Bampumim Teixeira, a deportable alien released from jail just months prior to committing these murders.

That’s why we need the Citizens Protection Act in SD 504 , and the Defund Sanctuary Cities Act in HD 1407.

And the amount of government benefits fraud by illegal aliens runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars each year! This must stop.

Send your email to your legislators today and ask them to co-sponsor these bills.

Millions of illegal aliens are employed in the United States and likely thousands in Massachusetts. Of course, it is against the law to employ illegal aliens.

This leads to not only illegal aliens taking Massachusetts jobs away from Massachusetts citizens, but also leads to abuse by unscrupulous employers who pay low wages or threaten to turn them in to federal immigration authorities.

We need the Massachusetts Workers Protection Act, HD 1879 to stop illegal aliens from taking desperately needed jobs from Massachusetts workers.

Please take 30 seconds to send your legislators an email asking them SD 504, Citizens Protection Act, HD 1407, Defund Sanctuary Cities Act, HD 1405, Stop Government Benefits Fraud by Illegal Aliens, and HD 1879, the Massachusetts Workers Protection Act.