Co-sponsor the Freedom to Counsel Act

Life and Liberty Legislative Agenda:

Freedom to Counsel Act

Our religious and civil liberties are ever increasingly being eroded by laws that force us to violate our deeply-held religious and moral convictions.

Under the Counseling Ban law passed in 2019, a counselor could lose his or her license if they speak to a child client about gender confusion in any manner other than affirming.

HD 3855, the Freedom to Counsel Act, gives counselors of children the freedom to treat gender confusion in children through discussion therapy.  Therapists should be free to talk with children about this very difficult and personal topic in a manner that does not violate their religious or moral convictions.

Please take 30 seconds to send your legislators an email asking them to stand up for the freedom of counselors to give their clients the best therapy they can by co-sponsoring HD 3855, the Freedom to Counsel Act.