Dangerous Communities


Sanctuary State legislation SB1579/HB2418 is deceptively titled, “An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents.” We call it the “Dangerous Communities Act.”

This Sanctuary State legislation prohibits police and other law enforcement personnel from questioning suspected criminals about their immigration status without first getting written consent from the detainee.

It’s taxpayer-funded giveaways to illegal aliens that create significant incentives for illegal immigration. That’s why we have large caravans of illegal aliens heading to our borders.

Illegal immigration has lead to significant increases in crime, identity theft and fraud, and costs taxpayers millions of dollars in government benefits.

If the Dangerous Communities Act passes, release of criminal, illegal aliens will be allowed by Massachusetts state law!

Take a look at some of the heinous examples of illegal alien crime on our streets:

  • Boston – engaged doctors Richard Field, 49, and Lina Bolanos, 38, were murdered by Bampumim Teixiera, a deportable alien released from jail just months prior to committing these murders;
  • Chelsea – waitress and mother of three was stabbed to death by MS-13 gang member Bryan Calicia Barillas;
  • Lawrence-Lowell drug hub – 141 were nabbed in ICE sweep in April and May, 2019;
  • Milford – Matthew Denice was killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien after being dragged for a quarter of a mile and finally backed over.

Legislators need to hear from you to tell them to oppose this Sanctuary State bill.

Please take 30 seconds right now to email your state representative and state senator to tell them you oppose Sanctuary State legislation, SB1579/HB2418.  Thank you!