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Last updated: 2/24/2021

Life and Liberty Legislative Agenda 2021-2022


Babies Born Alive Protection Act – HD 1570: reverses some of the worst parts of the Infanticide Act by requiring a doctor take all reasonable steps to save the life of a baby born alive during a botched abortion, increasing the age of consent to get an abortion from 16 to 18, and by requiring all abortions be performed by a doctor and not allow physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and midwives to perform abortions.
Bill text: HD 1570 Babies Born Alive Act.
Status: Filed in the House.

Defund Planned Parenthood Act – HD 67: prohibits taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood because of its alleged involvement in harvesting and sale of baby body parts from aborted babies.
Bill text: HD 67 Defund Planned Parenthood Act.
Status: Filed in the House.


Religious Liberty Protection Act – HD 3468: prohibits government discrimination or action against any person, business or organization based on a religious belief or moral conviction regarding marriage or the immutable biological sexes of male and female.
Bill text: HD 3468 Religious Liberty Protection Act.
Status: Filed in the House.

Freedom to Counsel Act – HD 3855: permits therapists to treat gender confusion in children through discussion therapy.
Bill text: HD 3855 Freedom to Counsel Act.
Status: Filed in the House.

Stop the Abuse of Power (SAP) Act – HD 1765: no declaration of emergency or emergency executive order under the Civil Defense Act may last more 30 days without a three-fifths, roll-call vote of the House and Senate to continue it and the House and Senate must reapprove any declaration of emergency or executive order every 30 days thereafter.
Bill text: HD 1765 Stop the Abuse of Power Act.
Status: Filed in the House.

U.S. Founding Principles Graduation Requirement Act – HD 3467: no student may graduate from high school unless they demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the founding principles of the United States of America. The standards for this requirement must be based on original source documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Mayflower Compact, and the Magna Carta.
Bill text: HD 3467 U.S. Founding Principles Graduation Requirement.
Status: Filed in the House.

Defund Sanctuary Cities Act – HD 1407: reduces state aid to any city that adopts sanctuary city policies that prevent local police from cooperating with federal authorities under an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer request is made.
Bill text: HD 1407 Defund Sanctuary Cities.
Status: Filed in the House.

Stop Government Benefits Fraud by Illegal Aliens Act – HD 1405: requires verification of citizenship status before any state taxpayer benefits may be provided to an individual.
Bill text: HD 1405 Stop Government Benefits Fraud by Illegal Aliens.
Status: Filed in the House.

Massachusetts Workers Protection Act – HD 1879: requires all employers to enroll in the E-verify system to verify an employee’s ability to work in Massachusetts.
Bill text: HD 1879 Massachusetts Workers Protection Act.
Status: Filed in the House.

Open-borders Agenda 2021-2022

Dangerous Communities Act –  HD 1165, SD 532: prohibits police from coordinating with federal authorities to remove dangerous criminal illegal aliens from our streets.
Bill Text: HD 1165 Dangerous Communities Act and SD 532 Dangerous Communities Act.

Illegal Alien Driver’s License Act – HD 448, SD 273: would allow the Registry of Motor Vehicles to issue licenses to illegal aliens.
Bill text: HD 448 Illegal Alien Driver’s License Act and SD 273 Illegal Alien Driver’s License Act.
Status: Filed in the Senate.

Culture of Death Agenda 2021-2022

University Abortion Mill Bill – SD 1431: provides up to $200,000 in funds to equip state universities and colleges to provide medication abortions, and requires tuition and fees to pay for such abortions.
Bill text: SD 1431 University Abortion Mill Bill.
Status: Filed in the Senate.

Physician Assisted Suicide Act – HD 1456, SD 801: allows doctors to prescribe deadly doses of drugs to patients who may be under duress or suffering from depression.
Bill text: HD 1456 Physician Assisted Suicide and SD 801 Physician Assisted Suicide.
Status: Filed in the House and Senate.

Pornographic Sex-ed Mandate Act – HD 3454, SD 2178: this pornographic curriculum bill contains highly objectionable material for children as young as elementary school age.
Bill text: HD 3454 Pornographic Sex-ed Mandate and SD 2178 Pornographic Sex-ed Mandate.
Status: Filed in the Senate.