Stop Sanctuary State

Sanctuary State legislation, SB 1401 and HB 3573 ambiguously titled, “An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents.” The House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means must decide whether to allow these bills to move forward or to kill them in Committee.

This Sanctuary State legislation prohibits police and other law enforcement personnel from questioning suspected criminals about their immigration status without first getting written consent from the detainee.

A recent example of what can happen with this dangerous legislation is a sexual-abuse and murder case in New York. A federal official blamed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for the murder of a 92-year-old Queens woman by an illegal immigrant, citing that New York City’s “sanctuary policies” triggered the immigrant’s release after he had already been arrested on assault and weapon charges.

The time to end each legislative session is July 31st but unscrupulous legislators on Beacon Hill have voted to extend indefinitely the time to vote on this bill. Of particular concern, is any attempt to  vote on this after the election because it will be too late to hold them accountable for their vote. We need them to end the session before the November 3rd election day.

Legislators need to hear from you to tell them to oppose Sanctuary State bills and to urge members of The House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means to kill this bill NOW, before elections on November 3rd.

Please take 30 seconds right now to email your state representative and state senator to tell them you oppose Sanctuary State legislation, SB 1401 and HB 3573.  Thank you!

Stop Sanctuary State

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Stop Sanctuary State

Crimes committed by illegal immigrants have become epidemic and threaten not only my safety, but the safety of police, all citizens in the Commonwealth, and beyond. Illegal-immigrant crime must stop.

The ability of our state, county, and federal law-enforcement officials to work together to remove dangerous criminal, illegal aliens from our streets is crucial to ensuring public safety. Protecting illegal aliens from consequences of laws that citizens must obey is unjust and harmful to our state.

I oppose Sanctuary State legislation, HB 3573 and SB 1401, filed by Representative Ruth Balser and Senator Jamie Eldridge. These bills, if passed, would handcuff our local police and law enforcement personnel by prohibiting them from investigating the immigration status of individuals taken into custody for serious crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, sexual assault, murder, and drunk driving. Our local police would be further hampered by an inability to communicate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities about these suspected criminals.

I am also shocked to hear that the legislative session has been extended beyond election day. This leaves the door open for these terrible bills to be passed after the elections. The elections are the only time we can hold legislators accountable.

Please oppose Sanctuary State bills HB 3573 and SB 1401 and urge the members of the Senate and House Committees on Ways and Means to kill this legislation in Committee. I also strongly urge you to end the legislative session before the elections.

Thank you.


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