Previous Years Legislation

Previous Years Legislation!

2019-2020 Bills

• Roe Infanticide Act – HB5179 (HB3320, SB1209): eliminates parental consent for girls seeking an abortion; allows abortion on demand up to birth; eliminates protections for women; and eliminates protections for babies born alive during botched abortions. Read the text of the House and Senate bills. The legislature slipped this legislation into the budget bill through Amendments 759 & 180. This legislation was passed in both the House and Senate. It went on to Governor Baker who then handed it back with recommendations. Legislators rejected the governor’s recommendations as well as an amendment that would protect a baby born alive after attempts to abort the baby. The governor vetoed the final version of the bill and it was overridden in the House on 12/28/20 and the Senate on 12/29/20. Sadly, this is now law.


• University Abortion Mill Bill – HB3841: provides up to $400,000 to each public college and university to provide on-campus abortions; forces tuition and fees to be used for abortions. Committee on Public Health reported favorably; transferred to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing. Read the text of the bill


• Illegal Aliens Driver’s License Act – HB3012, SB2061: allows the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, which has been proven to result in increased threats to the public safety, as well as identity theft and fraud. Read the text of the House and Senate bills. Reported favorably by Joint Committee on Transportation.


• Mandated Sex Education Bill – SB2459 (HB410): mandates centralized, Planned Parenthood-run, “comprehensive” sex education in every public school in the Commonwealth. Passed in the Senate. Now moves to the House. Read the text of the bill


• Police Reform Bill – S.2800: This bill was brought forth to “reform police standards and shift resources to build a more equitable, fair and just commonwealth that values black lives and communities of color.” As written, it endangers public safety, removes important protections for police, and creates a lopsided commission for making recommendations. One of its worst provisions is that it prohibits school officials from reporting dangerous gang memberships like MS-13. See who voted for this via Roll Call Vote in theSenate and the House. Read the text of the Senate bill. Read the original text of the House bill and the amended version of the House bill. The bill now goes to a conference committee.