Roll Calls

Roll Calls

Our legislators on Beacon Hill continue to vote against common sense and against the will of the people. On this page we will be posting roll calls and explanations of what amendments and bills are being taken up on Beacon Hill.

Some legislators can be lobbied and persuaded to do the right thing if they hear from enough constituents. Others are beholden to leadership and left-wing interest groups, and must be defeated. Which category do your legislators fall into? Roll calls indicating how they vote can provide a clue.  If you’d like more info and to get more involved, email us at


Roe Infanticide Act
HB 5179: The Roe Infanticide Act eliminates parental consent for girls age 16 and 17 who want an abortion, removes protections for babies born alive during botched abortions, removes nearly all limits on late-term abortions, and allows less-qualified physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and midwives to perform abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Read the text of the House Budget Amendment. Here’s how your State Representative voted: House roll call on Amendment 759. Here is how your Senator voted: Senate roll call on Amendment 180. This is the House roll call on an amendment to guarantee medical care to babies born alive.  Here is how your State Representative voted on the final House version of the ROE Infanticide Act. Here is how your State Senator voted on the final ROE Infanticide Act. Sadly, this is now law.


Police Reform Bill
S.2800: This bill was brought forth to “reform police standards and shift resources to build a more equitable, fair and just commonwealth that values black lives and communities of color.” As written, it endangers public safety, removes important protections for police, and creates a lopsided commission for making recommendations. One of its worst provisions is that it prohibits school officials from reporting dangerous gang memberships like MS-13.  See who originally voted for this via Roll Call Vote in the Senate and the House. Read the text of the Senate bill. Read the original text of the House bill and the amended version of the House bill. This is the final version of the bill that will now move to the governor’s desk for an up or down vote. See who ultimately voted for this via Roll Call Vote in the Senate and the House


Planned Parenthood Funding Bill
H.3638: a supplemental budget bill that appropriated $8 million for family planning to Planned Parenthood and other abortion-related businesses. Bill passed. See who voted for this via Roll Call Votes in House and Senate. Read text of the bill.


Gas Tax Bill
H.4508: This bill includes $600 million in new taxes through a 5 cent tax increase on gas, 9 cent tax increase on diesel, a $1.20 increase in Uber and Lyft taxes, and a $2.20 increase for luxury rides. Bill passed in the House. Read the text of the bill. See who voted for this via Roll Call Vote in the House. Now moves to the Senate. Could pass at any time.


Millionaire Tax Bill
H.86: a Constitutional Amendment changing MA’s flat income tax to a graduated income tax, by issuing an additional 4% tax increase on those making over $1 million annually. This Senate & House vote allows the bill to move forward and be heard again at a Constitutional Convention next session as the last step to being put on the ballot in 2022. Read the text of the bill.


Sex Education Bill 
S.2459/H.410: mandates centralized, Planned Parenthood-run, “comprehensive” and inappropriate sex education in every public school in the Commonwealth. Passed in the Senate. Read the text of the bill. Now moves to the House. Could pass at any time.


Counseling Ban Bill
H.140: prohibits any licensed therapist from counseling gender-confused children. It requires children’s gender confusion be affirmed, complete with puberty blockers and surgery. It takes away the rights of parents to prevent their children from being placed on a path to hormone intervention and re-assignment surgery. Bill passed. Read the text of the billSee who voted for this via Roll Call Votes in House and Senate.