Stop the Plot to Pass the 6 Deadly Bills

Stop the Plot to Pass the Six Deadly Bills


The radical Massachusetts legislature was too busy taking advantage of the virus crisis to get their work done, like passing the budget, before the July 31st deadline. They took advantage of the situation to extend the legislative session to the end of the year. They want to stall voting on the Six Deadly bills until after the November election so that they will not be held accountable at election time.

Let them be forewarned, they will have blood on their hands if they pass these deadly bills.

To refresh your memory, here are the Six Deadly Bills:

  • Roe Infanticide Act: eliminates parental consent for girls seeking an abortion; allows abortion on demand up to birth; eliminates protections for women; and eliminates protections for babies born alive during botched abortions;
  • University Abortion Mill bill: provides up to $400,000 to each public college and university to provide on-campus abortions; forces tuition and fees to be used for abortions;
  • Illegal Aliens Driver’s License Act: allows the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, which has been proven to result in increased threats to the public safety, as well as identity theft and fraud;
  • Sanctuary State bill: prohibits police from coordinating with federal authorities to remove dangerous, criminal, illegal aliens from our streets;
  • Mandated Sex Education bill: mandates centralized, Planned Parenthood-run, “comprehensive” sex education in every public school in the Commonwealth;
  • Physician Assisted Suicide bill: allows doctors to prescribe deadly doses of drugs to patients who may be under duress or suffering from depression.

These bills are all in a position to pass at a moment’s notice.

Please take 30 seconds to send a strong message to your legislators to kill these bills — not innocent babies, elders, and law-abiding citizens. 

Thank you.  


Stop the Plot to Pass the Six Deadly Bills

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Stop the Plot to Pass the Six Deadly Bills

Whereas, the Massachusetts State Legislature should have already finished its work by July 31st and ended the legislative session;

Whereas, the Culture-of-Death, Open-Borders radicals on Beacon Hill have hatched a plot to extend the legislative session until the end of the year in an attempt to pass their radical agenda, including the Six Deadly Bills.

Whereas, the Six Deadly Bills, including the Roe Infanticide Act, the Sanctuary State Act, the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill, Illegal Alien Driver\'s Licenses Act, and the University Abortion-Mill Bill endanger the lives and public safety of the born and unborn citizens off the Commonwealth; be it therefore,

Resolved, that the legislature immediately and expeditiously get to work on passing a budget that they should have already completed; and be it

Resolved, that the legislature not create a lame-duck session, and fully adjourn before Election Day, without taking action on the Six Deadly Bills.



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