Voter Guides 2022 General

November 8, 2022 State Election

The listed Voter Guides are only for CONTESTED state senate and state representative races. We do not produce Voter Guides for statewide races such as Governor, Attorney General, etc.

Redistricting has changed the names and areas of many districts. You must know which legislative district you live in to find the proper Voter Guide.

If you don’t know or are unsure which district you’re in, click on the “Find your State Senate and State Representative district here” link to look it up. Be sure to look under “New 2022 Election Districts” for your state senate and state representative districts.

Find your State Senate and State Representative district here.

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State Senate

Berkshire, Hampden, Franklin & Hampshire

Bristol & Norfolk

First Bristol & Plymouth

Third Bristol & Plymouth

Cape & Islands

Second Essex

Third Essex

First Essex & Middlesex

Second Essex & Middlesex

Hampden & Hampshire

Hampden, Hampshire & Worcester

Fifth Middlesex

Middlesex & Worcester

Norfolk & Plymouth

Norfolk, Plymouth & Bristol

Norfolk, Worcester & Middlesex

Plymouth & Barnstable

First Plymouth & Norfolk

Second Plymouth & Norfolk

First Worcester

Worcester & Hampshire

Worcester & Middlesex

State Representative

1st Barnstable

2nd Barnstable

3rd Barnstable

3rd Berkshire

1st Bristol

2nd Bristol

3rd Bristol

5th Bristol

8th Bristol

10th Bristol

1st Essex

2nd Essex

5th Essex

14th Essex

18th Essex

2nd Franklin

3rd Hampden

7th Hampden

8th Hampden

1st Middlesex

2nd Middlesex

8th Middlesex

14th Middlesex

16th Middlesex

19th Middlesex

22nd Middlesex

28th Middlesex

31st Middlesex

36th Middlesex

2nd Norfolk

4th Norfolk

8th Norfolk

9th Norfolk

10th Norfolk

14th Norfolk

1st Plymouth

5th Plymouth

6th Plymouth

7th Plymouth

8th Plymouth

9th Plymouth

12th Plymouth

5th Suffolk

11th Suffolk

2nd Worcester

3rd Worcester

4th Worcester

7th Worcester

11th Worcester

12th Worcester

17th Worcester

19th Worcester